Saturday, September 19, 2020

First Grade News
Dear Parents,

As we begin our study of the layers of the Earth and volcanoes, be ready to hear about how AWESOME first grade is! Science is heating up as we learn the difference between lava and magma. Not to mention how deep the core, mantle and crust are.

We will start the next book in the Frog and Toad series, Frog and Toad Together, on Monday so if you have the book please send it with your scholar this week.

Together in the pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty,
The First Grade Team

A Peek at the Week
Language Arts
Spalding phonograms
Spelling words
Frog and Toad Together
Trickster Tales
Common and Proper nouns - Places
Beginning capitals and ending punctuation

Unit Review - Addition

Ancient Egypt
Layers of the Earth

Upcoming Events

September 25 – Early release; Spirit Shirt Day
September 29 - Virtual Curriculum Night for K-3 (1st Grade 6:15-6:55)
October 1 - Poetry Recitation - "Bird Talk" by Aileen Fisher
October 2 - Early Release
October 5 – NO SCHOOL
October 14 - Picture Day
October 16 – Early Release
October 19-23 – Fall Break, Parent/ Teacher Conferences
October 26 - Quarter 2 Begins
October 29 - K-4 Athletic Field Day (K-1 A.M.)
October 30 – Early release; Spirit Shirt Day 

Friday, August 28, 2020

 Make-up Work Policy for Absences Distance Learning (DL) or Brick & Mortar (B&M)


Every day teachers work to fill every minute of your student’s day with rich, meaningful learning opportunities. Our learning in the classroom is done in community with pictures, reading, labs, activities, demonstrations, manipulatives, partner work, bell work/warm up activities, exit tickets, observations, drills, recitations and discussions. When a student is absent or late, we can give your student worksheets, a copy of the notes, and schedule another time for a test/quiz, but these things miss the heart and soul of what we do each day in the classroom. Because of the nature of each learning experience, it is nearly impossible to recreate the lesson/activities that are graded each day. 


Our DL students also participate in all kinds of activities that have been “remotified” to be done in the virtual environment and are very conducive for students who have been sick to get caught up.  Even then, daily attendance is vitally important to any student's success in either the B & M or DL classroom. 


When a student is absent for illness, they have one calendar day for each day missed to complete any work or assignment that was missed. B & M students are responsible to take home the absent work left for them on their desk or request the packet from their teacher.  DL students are responsible for logging into their GC for the days they missed, participating in the online learning and connecting with their teachers if they have any questions.  All tests/quizzes that were missed should be made up within one week of the absence unless other arrangements are made with the teacher.  The late policy will take effect as soon as students have reached the number of “make-up days” allotted.  Students in grades 4-6 should work to arrange with their teachers, time outside of class or during tutoring to receive help for material they have missed and do not understand or make up tests.


HW/classwork/make-up work late policy:

-          10% off if not turned in the AM the day it is due

-          50% off if turned in 24 hrs late

-          75% off if turned in 48 hrs late

-          0% after 48 hrs late


Absences that allow for a grace period of time (as listed above) to get make up work done must be recorded with the school’s registrar by emailing her at or calling the attendance line.  Absences that are unexcused may result in zeros for many class activities that cannot be recreated.  Please see the handbook for further information.

 Important email addresses for questions regarding assignments.  

Important Contact Information:

Mrs. McIntosh (Classroom Teacher)

Mrs. Jaffer (Apprentice Teacher)>

Specials Teachers

Mrs. Widdowson (Music) -

Mrs. Puopolo (Spanish) -

Mrs. Northway (Art) -

Mrs. Walsh (P.E.) -

First Grade News Dear Parents, As we begin our study of the layers of the Earth and volcanoes, be ready to hear about how  AWESOME  first gr...